Princeton Dog Training Club

Consult the calendar below and click here to reserve your hourly rental time. Please review the facility rules below before making your reservation. Once you have submitted your form, you will not be contacted unless we have a question about your request. If your reservationdoes not appear on the calendar within 24 hours, please conatact barn rental.

Rental forms are available at the barn, however, you may click here to download and print one if you'd like to fill it out beforehand and bring it with you.

Please contact barn rental for full day, half day, etc.


Personal Training - Member rate

Personal Training - Non-member rate

$10/hour  (Members only may reserve $5  1/2-hour increments for personal training)


Please contact barn rental for full/half/multiple day rentals for seminars/clinics, etc.

Rules:  The Golden Rule is "Enjoy our facility, but leave no trace other than your form and payment."

     >  All renters must fill out and sign a release form and include it with payment.  Forms and envelopes are available on the table - please put in dropbox on the wall above the table. (Checks may be made payable to "PDTC")

     >  Almost goes without saying: pick up after your dog!!

     >  Do not allow dogs to potty on or in the building.

     >  Dogs must be on leash at all times outside of the arena area.

     >  Students should park in the lower gravel/grass lot with their vehicles perpendicular to the building -- please consider your fellow classmates by parking close to one another so there's room for everyone. You may form another row if needed to avoid blocking the driveway.

     >  Do not enter the horse stall area or otherwise interfere or interact with the horses. Do not allow dogs to enter any fenced paddock areas.

     >  Do not move the contact equipment. If you move, add, or remove jumps,tunnels or number cones, please put them back where you found them.

     >  Please turn off lights and/or fan when you are finished. This includes the light in the PortaJohn!

     >  If you have reserved space and then find yourself unable to make your reservation, as a courtesy to others who may want that time, please send an email to barn rental to have yourself taken off the calendar.

     >  Instructors may park on the side of the building near the entrance. Please ensure there is plenty of room for the horses to enter & exit the big door -- this is to protect your vehicle as well as the horses!

     > TIP: Change calendar to WEEK view (upper right corner of calendar) for clearer visual of facility availability.

Photos of the Agility Facility located at 290 Rileyville Rd., East Amwell Township, NJ 08551

Personal Training - Non-Member rate

$15 per 1/2 hour