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INTRO TO AGILITY For puppies/dogs just starting in agility. Geared towards teaching dogs foundation skills,   beginning flatwork, target training, impulse control, building body awareness and proper performance obstacles (as applicable).

BEGINNER 1  Focus on building proficiency and independence on obstacle performance. Handling maneuvers, crosses and handling strategies will be worked with short sequences and fun drills.

BEGINNER II   Continuation of mastering obstacles and their performance. focus will be on working more advanced handling maneuvers and sequences and discovering new handling strategies.

OPEN/EXCELLENT  This class is designed for dogs that are just in or almost in Excellent.Sequences and drills are based on normal challenges found on AKC Excellent-level courses. The focus is on clearly setting the line for the dog and developing a flexible handling system using front-crosses, rear-crosses, blind-crosses, etc. Due to the level and style of courses, this is also a very good course for the handler and dog that are settled in their handling system but need continuous light work to stay fit for agility.

MASTERS  This class is designed for handler teams that are working at the AKC or USDAA masters level. Courses are typically challenging and handlers are encouraged to try sequences with multiple handling styles to continuously explore what will work best for their dog. The focus is clearly on setting the fastest line! The course also explores distance work, gambles, snooker-like games, and occasionally international sequences.

MASTER CHALLENGE  This course is designed for the dog and handler who want to dissect and analyze! We work both long and short sequences multiple ways and explore what works for each dog and handler team. Courses are challenging with lots of international elements (backsides, threadles, pull-thrus, difficult weave entries, etc.) and the focus is on clean and fast, fast, fast! We frequently talk through multiple options on sequences and then run and rerun short sets to develop new skills and find the fastest growth.

OPEN/NEW TO EXCELLENT   For dogs/handlers who are competing in Open and/or Excellent classes.  Focus on:  course analysis, identifying sequences that are commonly seen on higher-level courses and break them down to train as needed.   Teams who are not yet competing at these levels but who are training at these levels will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

MASTERS  For dogs/handlers who are competing in Excellent/Masters.  Focus on:  course analysis, identifying different ways to handle specific sequences, determining the lines for both handler and dog, and encouraging handlers to "think outside the box".  Teams who are not yet competing at these levels but who are training at these levels will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.




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YOUNG DOG/EXPERIENCED HANDLER  This class will focus on building skills for competition. All types of handling for regular and Premier courses will be addressed. Dog will not have to jump full height if they are not redy and sequences will be relatively short. Contacts do not have to be full height and dogs do not have to be weaving.

NOVICE/OPEN  This class will be geared to teams that are getting ready to compete or have just started competing.   This class will work on recent agility courses adjusted for the less experienced agility dog. We will be running a variety of sequence lengths. Sometimes shorter sequences will be used to practice handling skills on the course. Other times, longer sequences will be run to simulate a real agility run. Handling skills learned in lower level classes will be used and enhanced to negotiate through the sequence challenges. Dogs entering this class should have graduated from Beginners II or have instructor approval.

In addition:

    •   Class will work on the handler's ability to walk the course so that they can visualize their dog's path and properly identify the course challenges.

    •   Handlers will be given the opportunity to identify handling strategies for each challenge.

    •   Even though the class will concentrate on handling, dogs and handlers must maintain criteria on all equipment.

OPEN/EXCELLENT   This class will be geared to teams that have been competing but want to continue to increase their skills for competition. This class will work on recent AKC Excellent level course skills. Class will work on getting the best out of each team based on type of dog and the handler's goals.

SEQUENCING DRILLS   Shorter sequences based on Power Paws Drills. Shorter sequences working on a couple of skills each night.  Handlers will get multiple turns in order to keep warmer.

DISTANCE HANDLING   Teaching dogs independent skills on all equipment. We will develop the skills needed to work away from the handler.

Class descriptions are below. Not all classes are offered every session -- please see application for current offerings and class times. Contact the Agility Director to inquire about classes not currently offered.

PDTC Class Refund Policy

Cancellations must be in writing to the class registrar before the 2nd class.

A refund will be given only if withdrawal is made before the 2nd class.

No refund will be given after the 2nd class, with the exception of illness or injury to the dog or handler. In such cases, any refund will be determined at the discretion of the Board.