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This class is offered on a walk-in basis.

Show Handling is designed to prepare dogs to be shown in Dog Shows in the Conformation or Breed Ring and is open to all dogs over the age of4 months. This class is appropriate for handlers and dogs at all levels of proficiency, as it will be adjusted to fit the teams that attend each night.

The dogs will learn how to be examined, gait and stack for dog shows. We will discuss ring procedure, the various classes and competitions at dog shows,as well as general dog show protocol.

The class is $25 per night. Please bring a check or cash, exact change only. Make sure to sign a waiver form each week and include it with your payment in the provided sealed envelope.

RALLY/ADVANCED RALLY  Rally offers both dogs and handlers an experiene that is energizing. Dogs/handlers follow a course of signs that encourage teamwork through designated stations (10-20, depending on the level). Rally provides a link from the Canine Good Citizen program to obedience or agility competition for dogs and handlers. In addition, rally promotes fun and enjoyment for dogs at all levels of competition. Dogs can earn RN, RA, RE and RAE titles.

OPEN  Building on the fundamentals learned in the Novice class, participants teach their dogs the dumbbell retrieve. In Open, the dog must do similar exercises as in Novice, but all exercises are done off-lesh and the time periods are extended for the stays. Open obedience als requires that the dog retrieve on the flat and over a jump. The dog can earn a CDX or Companion Dog Excellent title.

UTILITY  Utility is the final and most challenging level of obedience. All exercises are done off-leash and some of the work is done with hand signals. Tasks such a scent discrimination and directed jumping are required in Utility obedience. This is an advanced class  for dogs that have a CDX title. The dog can earn a UD or Utility Dog title.

< In order to attend advanced obedience classes, prior approval by PDTC Obedience is required. >

In case of inclement weather

Please call the Club phone at 908-431-0460 after 3:30 PM - recorded message will inform you if class is cancelled.

Griggstown Bridge closed? Call 908-359-3222 – Police Dispatcher.

Alternate Canal Road flooding directions: Route 518 to Route 27 to Bunker Hill Road and then left on Canal.






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AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Training  This class is designed to be a fun introduction to obedience for puppies who are between 12 weeks and 20 weeks old.  It is important to start training your puppy early to establish proper behavior right from the start.  Puppies in this class will be taught how to walk on a leash, sit, come, down, and stay.  It is very important for all puppies to work on socialization skills around other dogs and people.  Solutions to help owners with common puppy behavior problems (house manners, common behavior issues, house-training, jumping on people, etc.) will be discussed.  This class will get your dog off to a wonderful start in building a great relationship and training foundation with your puppy.



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Instructor: Dan Palantino, Professional Handler

Starting September 26 at 8:30

If you have any questions or to check on class time, send an email to Show Handling Class

Class descriptions are below. Not all classes are offered every session -- please see application for current offerings and class times. Contact the Instructor to inquire about classes not currently offered.